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Team Card Questions
  1. Star Power/Superstar: Can this be used on Chris Ferguson to gain an extra 5 or 10 yards? On TC Kraver to get 6 symbols of my choice?
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  2. Do Star Player symbols (in addition to TC Kraver and Chris Ferguson) count during kickoffs? If so, it's offensive players that count for the kicking team, correct?
    No, the player is not on the field for special teams plays unless his card says so.
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  3. Do Franchise Bonuses (such as the Power symbol for the Piledrivers) count for kickoffs?
    Yes, you can apply ability bonuses from Team cards with the copper-colored bars. The Barons, Jesters, Marshals, Thoroughbreds and Piledrivers can use their bonuses. The Regimentals and Griffons do not help.
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  4. What cards can I "deactivate"?
    You can deactivate players and formations; most other cards are considered "active" at all times. For simplicity, you may want to "deactivate" Offense-only cards when on defense and vice versa. Traditions (such as "Football Voodoo") that provide some negative effects cannot be deactivated unless specified.
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  5. Can an active star player not apply his bonus?
    Yes. His bonus may be applied whenever it is his player's turn, and need not be applied at all. For example, if I have George Smalley and am down 2 power to 2 power, I can elect not to apply his bonus and instead play an action card to break the tie.
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  6. Do cards which affect players (such as "Star Ancestor") still retain their effect when the player is injured?
    No, an injured player is considered to be completely out of the game area. Even cards which affect "inactive" players do not affect injured players unless they state so specifically.
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  7. Redzone D and certain other cards change the result of a play. Do Special Results still apply? Can my opponent gain yardage with a special result on a run play even if he doesn't double me when I have Redzone D?
    Yes, he can still gain yardage with the special result. Redzone D only affects the objective of the play.
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  8. We have had some timing problems with the end-of-play results. For instance, One player has Coach Stan Zylstra (+5 or -5 yardage to a successful pass play once per drive) and the other has Carlton Davis (+5 yards to any pass play of 10 or more yards). How and when do we apply these cards if there is a conflict?
    Timing on post-play effects can be tricky. Here's how to work it out if things are getting stuck:

    Both players have passed -- the play ends.
    The Winner applies his Objective
    The Winner modifies his objective (for instance, The Defense uses an Offensive "minimum loss" to change his objective from "No Gain" to "-2 yards")
    The Loser modifies the objective (for instance, Redzone D causes "no gain" if the offense did not double the defense)
    Repeat, if necessary.
    The Winner applies his Special Result
    The Winner modifies the final result (for instance, Carlton Davis gains +5 yards if the play goes for 10 yards or more)
    The Loser modifies the final result (for instance, Stan Zylstra subtracts 5 yards from the play)
    Repeat if necessary
    Cards are then played to spot (or hide) penalties.

    It may not always be clear during which step an effect may apply. If this is the case, the player may choose when to apply his effect.
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  9. Code of Honor - Can this be used more than once in a challenge if your opponent plays more than one qualifying card?
    Yes. Code of Honor can be applied to each card played.
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  10. Coach Jake Everheart Does his team now have to have at least 3 running plays out of 8?
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  11. Does Ruben Levine only knock down passes where the objective is 10 yards, or any pass play that results in 10 or more yards being gained? (If I use the Regimentals, does Ruben knock the pass down, and can I use the Regimentals card again that half?)
    He can be applied when the final result of the pass play is 10 or more yards. So yes, he can stop the Regimental breakaway, and if it has been used that half, its gone. Try using the breakaway on a run.
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  12. Chris Quinn -- does his special ability help against interceptions? In other words, do interceptions count as a loss of yardage?
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  13. My opponent has Corporate Sponsors, and must run a pass play (Product Endorsement) as one of the first 3 plays of the drive. I successfully ran the .22 defense on the second play, and he cannot call a pass on the third play. What does he do?
    You can always kick. He must punt or attempt a field goal.
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  14. Are there limits to Adaptable Team?
    Remember that with Adaptable Team you can still only use 1 total Coach and 1 total Franchise among all the cards used during the game. (No, you can't start a game with the Regimentals, score on the first drive, then swapping them out to become the Griffons!)
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  15. Any recommendations on banned cards for tournaments? Our list right now is Regimentals, Scoreboard Commandos, Coach David Hughes, and Drastic Measures.
    Take a long look at all the Chase cards and at the coach who wins ties (Mark McKenna). You might want to restrict a player to 1 of any of these cards...that helps a lot, but still lets them be played.
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