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General Play Questions
  1. Page 14 and 16 of the rulebook say that the Kicking team uses their Offensive hand, while on page 15 it seems to imply that the offensive action cards move the ball ahead from the 20 yard line. What gives?
    We made a mistake on page 15. The kicking team uses their Offensive hand, and each extra symbol would push the ball back 2 yards (to the 18, the 16, etc.).

    This is correct in the current online version of the rulebook.
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  2. Our runbacks don't seem to work very well. Can we boost the runbacks a bit?
    If you want to give the receiving team a better chance for good field position, require the kicking team to announce the ability type before the receiving team decides whether or not to run it back.
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  3. What, exactly, can I do during halftime?
    During halftime, you may rebuild your playbook and action decks from scratch. You may, if you wish, reshuffle your action deck if you choose not to rebuild it. You may not normally make any changes to your team cards.
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  4. What happens to a card or injury with a duration of "2 drives" if the second drive would occur after halftime?
    Cards with a duration of "For the rest of the half" or less, including "2 drives" expire at the end of halftime. Cards with an indefinite duration remain in play, however.
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  5. Does the endzone have a depth? If a 30 yard pass play is successful from the 5 yard line, is it a touchdown, or is there an "out of the end of the end zone" ruling somewhere?
    For now, plays will not go "out of the end zone"...the QB throws the ball short enough to be caught at the back of the end zone. Expect endzone-related cards in the future, however. (or not)
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  6. Do cards which affect players (such as "Star Ancestor") still retain their effect when the player is injured?
    No, an injured player is considered to be completely out of the game area. Even cards which affect "inactive" players do not affect injured players unless they state so specifically.
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  7. What is the definition of "pay"ing a symbol? How about "Converted" symbols?
    If you are required to "pay" a symbol, you must have the symbol (for instance, through a team card, play card or action card). The symbol is then "negated" or "used up" to pay the symbol cost. It can no longer be applied toward any main or secondary challenge. "Converted" symbols are not available for their original ability type, and only count toward the new symbol.
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  8. If I use a symbol action card for 2 Mental and 1 Power, do I have to decide which ability I'm using it for?
    No, it gives you 2 symbols for any Mental requirements AND 1 Power. If the play requires Mental symbols and you later have a card come into play that says "treat Power ability symbols as Mental symbols", you get the benefit of the already-played Power symbol as well.
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  9. I have a card which gives me +1 of any symbol. Can I get 1 Power and 1 Mental out of this?
    No. You can get 1 Power OR 1 Mental out of this card.
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  10. Any recommendations on banned cards for tournaments? Our list right now is Regimentals, Scoreboard Commandos, Coach David Hughes, and Drastic Measures.
    Take a long look at all the Chase cards and at the coach who wins ties (Mark McKenna). You might want to restrict a player to 1 of any of these cards...that helps a lot, but still lets them be played.
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