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As of March 3rd, 2003:
As of August 12th, 2001:
  • I haven't done much new to the site, but just wanted to let everyone know that I still gladly accept any updates you might have.
As of April 24th, 2000:
  • New page showing recent updates to classmates records added.
  • Cascading Style Sheets are implemented on a few pages, more to follow.
  • Birthday page and the Recent Updates page now have links to each classmate, others to follow.
As of April 4th, 2000:
  • Site move complete to www.reversepolarity.com.
  • Guestbook now working. (was broken for a few weeks during move)
As of August 10th, 1998:
  • Rearrangement data updated correctly.
As of August 9th, 1998:
  • Rearranged and added the Work Info and College Info sections
  • Data for the rearrangement is not all updated - should be by 8/11/98
As of August 3rd, 1998:
  • More fields added -- not all are currently visible
  • Rewrote the images script. Should work on all newer browsers (IE4+, Netscape 3+)
  • Rewrote the Engaged, Married, Divorced script. No visible change, but allows for future capability
  • Added a few photos from the 5-year reunion to the pictures page.
As of August 1st, 1998:
  • Completed 99.9% of news articles. Pictures for articles typed will be added soon.
  • Added an About this Site page.
As of July 30th, 1998:
  • Completed adding images for people - single pictures only.
  • Added more data from newspaper clippings. A few still to go (including recent articles).
  • Changed the format of the main page to make it more compact.
  • Added this What's New Page

As of July 8th, 1998:
  • Made street address confidential
  • Added more data from newspaper clippings. Many still to go.
  • Multiple image support added. Some people now have multiple images.

As of July 7th, 1998:
  • Guestbook added
  • List of birthdays now includes all other months

As of July 2nd, 1998:
  • Entire Database converted to Perl - it had been in many disparate places
  • More fields added to the main information display.
  • The More Info button is working correctly
  • This month's birthdays script implemented
  • List of everyone's email addresses
  • Engaged, Married, Divorced list

Some ideas for the site:
  • A "Guess the Classmate" game
  • Privitize more of the data for security - especially the More Info section
  • Add an announcements/ newsletter page
  • Add the rest of the pictures
  • Have a history (resume) of jobs and colleges