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This site is completely designed and written by your fellow Nordonia High School Class of 1993 'mate, Scott Devine.  It was done mostly as a hobby -- to teach myself web design and Perl.  It developed into what you see now.

The first creation of this site was a Microsoft Access database, back in 1993.  The data was gathered from all of the classmates on Senior Day in the form of a written questionaire.  I didn't know much about the web in 1993 and nothing about Perl programming, so I wrote a small shell script program to extract and present the data from the Access database.

Until 1998, that's how the database was.  After I graduated, I began to rewrite the whole database.  You see, the data was kept in three locations -- the Access database, the hard copy from Senior Day, and on the Web.  I wanted it in one place.  So, off I went.  I am still working on the design and some security issues, but the database is pretty much complete.

From a technical standpoint, the site is a flat-file database with a search engine.  What this means in plain English is that all the data for every classmate is stored in one file.  When a classmate is requested, a program written in Perl looks for the person's name in the file and then formats it to display on the web.  It then presents the data.  This means I can change the format for all web pages at once.  It also means that no person's page can be explicitly unique. There are ways around this, though.  Email if you have an idea of how you'd like to make your page unique.

Please note:  I am absolutely open to any suggestions for the web site.  I want to hear from you.  Please email all comments, criticisms, concerns, information, or whatever else to me.

My permanent email address is sdevine@yahoo.com.